Hey there!

I’ve always loved Christmas music, and with the advent of the internet and rampant file-sharing, collecting weird and obscure holiday albums from every corner of the web has become a hobby of mine.

In 2002, I started doing an annual holiday music compilation, The X-Mas Files. I noticed many of my friends were doing it, and I figured, it’s self-indulgent and obsessive. How could I pass it up?

If you enjoy these mixes, please consider a donation to Child’s Play, a community-based charity dedicated to providing toys, games, books and other necessities to children in hospitals around the world.

Of course, please also consider purchasing tracks and albums by all of these fantastic artists, who I hope don’t serve me with a cease and desist notice, because that is about the most un-Christmas thing I can imagine.

Thanks for checking this out and enjoy. Oh, and of course, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!